Friday, August 10, 2012

Choose your Wedding Colors: Different Tones of Pink

Choose your Wedding Colors: Different Tones of Pink
Continuing with Wedding Colors, Today I bring you ideas of Pink Colors for your Wedding.  If you have just chosen Pink and would like to use different tones of pink.  It will look just fabulous.
Take a look at these examples using pink in different tones from softer to brighter tones of pink.

You can use them for anything.  Even Flowers.  It will be a beautiful wedding.

Hope you like these and ideas and inspire you to have the best Wedding ever!  Have fun planning your special day!

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  1. Choosing the right color scheme for wedding day is one of the most important things when we start planning our day. Since childhood I have imagined a beautiful fairy ceremony so I would like to go for pink and white color scheme for that. I need some help to find the best San Francisco venues for my day. Could you help?