Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beautiful Cathedral Length Veils

Beautiful Cathedral Length Veils
These dreamy veils are fantastic if you are want to get that elegant and romantic look.  The veils are really long and there are a few things to consider before making a decision.
You will need it to complement your dress and also consider your body type.
Petite brides usually want to create the impression of height.  They can wear pouf veils as long as the volume up top.  Also if you are short, a cathedral length veil isn't the best choice.  You can get the drama and extension you are looking for by scaling down to a waltz or chapel length to fit your proportion.
heavier and/or thick waisted brides look best in a one layer dropped veil tacked into a bun.
After the ceremony if  you are in a long veil and want to remove part of it after the reception, have your salon work out the fastening system with you and whomever is helping you. 
You even could take it off at the reception, that is up to you... but I think, this is YOUR day, and if you are wearing this beautiful veil on this your day, I would wear it all through out... remember, it's your day to shine!
Hope you like these ideas!!

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