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The Best Color Combinations for Summer Weddings

The Best Color Combinations for Summer Weddings
It's time to start with the wedding preparations!  Now that you are engaged there are a lot of things to consider and a lot of people will start asking lots and lots of questions, for you to show them the ring, when is the wedding? where will the reception be? what are your colors?

Colors are one of the most important aspects on how you will plan your whole wedding.  From decorations, flowers, dresses, the colors you choose will set the tone for the entire day.

Your colors will set the mood for the whole day, from the day your guests receive the save the date invite to the thank you cards you send after the wedding, they will be special.  Choose the right color and you will have a great wedding.  So be very careful so you can make your wedding party happy and comfortable with what they are wearing.

For a Summer Wedding you actually have a great gamma of colors, and different combinations go great for the summer, which is fabulous but on the other hand it could make your decision a little hard.

Take a look of some of the combinations and pick your favorite one.

Pink and Green
A green an pink combination will be great and can either be fun and flirty or soothing and elegant.  It will all depend on the shades you choose.
A Bright Pink and Lime Green combination could be perfect for an outdoor wedding.  But if you choose to have an elegant indoor reception, that might not be your best option, you could use a pale pink and forest green.

Orange and Yellow
I love this combination, bright colors will look radiant and are fabulous also for a summer wedding.  They are bright and cheerful and they won't fade out in the summer sun.
You can take advantage of these colors and play with fruits, maybe lemons and oranges as decor.  Orange Tangerine is a hot color right now.  It will look beautiful on your bridesmaids dresses with some beautiful yellow flowers.

Several Shades of One Color
You do not always need a color combo to make a beautiful wedding.  If you have a favorite color you should go for it.  In order to keep your wedding from being a spectacle of one color, pick a base color and accent it with different shades of the same color.  What do you think?

Blue and White
Nothing says summer like the beach, and the color of the mediterranean is perfect for a wedding in the Summer.  Using a tropical shade of blue will give your wedding a calm, relaxed feeling and pairing it with white crips can capture that cool, beach feel.

Yellow and Blue
This combination is really pretty specially in the summer sun.  It is very important to think about the way you combine colors, and using one color as the main shade with and accent color complementing it can make a HUGE difference.
Imagine you bridesmaids in blue dresses with yellow accents or flowers.  Yellow roses with blue ribbons along the aisle.  I think this one is a great combination.

Coral and Gray
If you want a beachy wedding but you are not into blue that much, try this combination of coral and gray.  You will bring the beauty of a tropical coral reef to your wedding.
Think about coral dresses with a gray sash or gray dresses with coral sashes or necklaces.  You can also have the men wear gray suits with a coral boutonniere.  That will look great.  Lots of fun decorations to choose from.

Red and Pink
Red is a fun and beautiful color, Imagine pink and red flowers, beautiful Red dresses with pink sashes.  I believe your bridesmaids will love this combination of colors.

Source:  TLC

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