Sunday, December 16, 2012

Great Ideas for your Wedding

Great Ideas for your Wedding

Here are some ideas that you can use on your own wedding and make your day memorable, fun and special.  Your guests will love these ideas and I'm sure you guys will cherish it for years to come.

Hope you like them!

1.  Frame your wedding Vows.

2.  If it rains on your wedding day, collect the rain and save it in a little container.

3.  Instead of rice, you can have your guests drop sprinkles or glitter.  The pictures will look fabulous.

 4.  Decorate a Mailbox and use it as a Card Holder instead of a basket.

5.  Remember your loved ones that can't be with you with these ideas.


6.   Beautiful way to remember how long you have been met.

6.  Use a trunk instead of a table to collect your Wedding gifts

7.  Use Mason Jars as glasses for your guests... Bright Idea!

8.  Great Idea for R.S.V.P. Cards, send along with the invitation and check the responses you get.  Should be very fun.

 9.  If you are having a dancing party.  Get flip flops for your guests.  They'll be dancing the night away!

10.  Have your guests sign your quilt as your guest book.  Awesome idea to cherish forever!

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