Monday, December 17, 2012

Jewelry for Brides

Jewelry for Brides

This is something you have to be very careful to choose, there are some details to consider:

What Color is your dress?
Depend of what type of white or what color you will wear will help you choose the type of metal that will work best for you.

White Gown:  You want to stay away from Gold.  You should stick to pearl and platinum colors.

Diamond-White Gown:  This color works with Gold and Silver (and rose gold, and pearl)

Ivory Gown:  Gold Jewelry will highlight the creamy ting of the fabric.

How is your Neckline?
Pairing it with the proper adornment can add character to your wedding gown, or even highlight a unique feature.  First take a look at your gown.  How is it?

Sweetheart or Strapless:  You want to skip the necklace, get some great chandelier earrings instead.  You can wear clear crystal for a sleek look or punch it up with a hint of color.  You can try using a meaningful gem like your birthstone or pick a color from the flowers in your bridal bouquet, don't match the embellishments from your dress because it will be a bit too much.

Know Note:  If your dress already has vintage flair, you could create an interesting contrast by taking a more modern approach with your wedding jewelry.

V-Neck:  Whether you decide on a pendant or a choker, this style needs some décolletage decoration.  A thin chain with a simple pendant is an elegant way to accessorize, while pearls (single or double-stranded) exude classic charm.  Also a crystal choker with matching earrings would be the perfect combo for a beautiful look.

Halter or Reverse Halter:  Whether you wear your hair in a sleek bun or loose ponytail, dressing up your tresses is a great way to accessorize a halter gown. Headbands are a great way to add panache to your wedding Updo. But if headbands aren't quite your style, try adding some sparkle to your hair with intricate crystal hairpins. If you've got a curly mane, five to seven hairpins is just right, while brides with thinner locks (or short hair) will get the same shine with two or three pins.

Think about you and how you feel about what you will wear as jewelry for your special day, if it is a huge task and it's giving you a headache, you will never go wrong with a pair of diamond drop-earrings with a diamond pendant choker or necklace.  They look fabulous and will never go out of style.

You can also incorporate some family heirlooms, you can wear them on your hair, neck, as bracelets or earrings.  Just make sure you are comfortable and are happy with the final result.

Here are some ideas of Jewelry for Brides.  Hope you like them.

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